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Recuperation effectively addresses the issue of energy-efficient ventilation. It is heat recovery through a heat recovery ventilation unit, ie RECOVERY.

What is Recovery?

Fresh outside air passes through a recuperation exchanger inside the air handling unit, into which warm "waste" air from your building (house, apartment) enters from the other side.

These airs are separated from each other in the exchanger by a system of ducts to prevent backflow from the exhaust air into the supply air. Through the walls of the ducts, heat passes from the exhaust air to the supply air, which is thus heated and thus entered through the air vents into the living rooms. Recuperation exchangers of renowned manufacturers achieve a high heat transfer efficiency in the range of 80 - 95% depending on the size of the exchanger, air flow and type of recuperation equipment.

Recuperation units

Recuperation units are designed for new apartments, houses but also for reconstructions, they are an ideal solution for passive and low-energy houses. Units with rotary recuperators achieve a thermal efficiency of 85%. Units with plate and enthalpy recuperators achieve a thermal efficiency of up to 90%.

Benefits & functions of recuperation units:

  • Low noise = quiet operation
  • Low energy consumption = low operating costs
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Comfort and a healthy climate in a ventilated area
  • Energy efficient use of heat = thermal efficiency up to 90%
  • Extra compact dimensions
  • Integrated automatic touch control

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